CodeDay Penang

Feb 19th-20th 2022, noon-noon

The most beginner-friendly event for building amazing games and apps!

CodeDay is a worldwide event where student artists, programmers, musicians, actors, and writers get together to build apps and games.


Here's how it works:

1. Come up with ideas.

2. Find a team.

3. Start building it! (Beginner workshops - no experience needed!)

4. Get help from mentors as needed.

5. Join fun activities and competitions... with prizes!

6. Show off what you made.

Welcome to our friendly & creative community of 50,000+ students who have made 10,000+ projects!

We had a CodeDay at my school when I was in 6th grade, and it really inspired me to learn to program and ignited my love for computer science. Now I’m a senior in high school and I’m plan to study cyber security.

Brenden R, beginner coder

It was probably my favorite time coding EVER in 5 years...

Wesley Hung, advanced coder

Thank you and CodeDay so much, it really gave me a boost on my interest and passion.

Eric Chan, beginner coder

CodeDay was a really fun experience, got to learn more about coding, increase experiment, meet new friends and more importantly, get to eat all you want!!!

Eric Chan, beginner coder

An awesome night of snacking and coding!

Wesley Hung, beginner coder

It was a amazing event, amazing experience and learned tons of new things.

Colby Linn, beginner coder

It was really fun and engaging. The fact that its overnight makes it amazing.

Amandip Dutta, beginner coder

I loved all the friends I made and all of the programming I learned.

Maddie Kelly, beginner coder

CodeDay was very fun and I wish even more students could have come so they could have coding knowledge passed onto them!

Marcos Hernandez, beginner coder

CodeDay is really fun, especially with the activities like CodeCup (where they teach you how to hack). ... Everybody helps everybody, and it's really nice. It's amazing to watch people connect that way.

Stephen , beginner coder

When I first came to CodeDay a few years ago I didn't know anything, and we learned Construct. After that one I learned Python and Java.

Susan Acharya, beginner coder

I was a little bit nervous because I came alone, but it was pretty cool because I just met a group and started working on a project.

Isaiah Slowtalker, advanced coder

CodeDay is a really amazing opportunity for us to try things out.

Anonymous, beginner coder

I've been in many CS classes, ... but they've always taught me how to solve problems from a book or AP problems. I've never had the chance to apply that kind of thing.

Ajay Rajasekaran, advanced coder

It's all about trying to create a new reality. Some people sit down an write a book, or you can stare at a painting and imagine yourself in it. ... Using programming is just another way to make that immersive and easier to express that.

Trinity , beginner coder

You can meet new people, and learn new things, and build off of other people's ideas.

Anshu Arora, beginner coder

The staff did not criticize but instead explained problems and how to solve them.

Colby Linn, beginner coder

I had a great time and learned a lot!

Grace Hanson, beginner coder

Awesome learning environment, awesome people.

Evan Nishi, beginner coder

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